Reminders – Whats coming up at Lower Lab


  • Check out the Science slideshow on Dr. Klaf’s Science Page! Click Here Gina will email Password to families!

  • Auction Sponsorship Drive: Your child’s entire class can win Barnes & Noble or iTunes Gift Cards!  We are 10 weeks away from our Annual Spring Auction and we want to encourage parents to solicit as many advertisement sponsors as possible.  Sponsorships are cash donations that go straight to funding our amazing PTA programs.   The class that collectively raises $2500 or more in ad sponsorships wins Barnes & Noble or iTunes gift cards for each of its students!  It’s easier than you’d think. Parents can work together toward a class goal!  A class only needs to secure the following:

9 business card ads for $300 ea. ($300 x 9 = $2700)  – Parents can split up the work!! Or  5 quarter page ads for $500 ea. ($500 x 5 = $2500)Or  3 half page ads for $1000 ea. ($1000 x 3 = $3000)  Or  1 full page ad for $2500 ea. ($2500 x 1 = $2500)Or any combination of the above, totaling $2500 or more! Depending on their donation level, Circle of Friends sponsors get various privileges such as e-blasts promoting their offerings or participation in school events. Click here for information on the various sponsorship levels and benefits and for a Sponsorship Request 2014 Lower Lab Sponsorships Form – Circle Of Friends   The deadline for processing sponsorships 1st March, 2014. Your time starts now!  Any questions?  Email Manjari Purohit at

  • Spring Auction Donation Drive— 8 weeks to go!

We are 8 weeks away from our Annual Spring Auction taking place on March 27th!!   Save the date and get ready for an incredible roaring 20’s soiree!!  In order for this event to be successful, we need your help today!   As of this week we have 30% fewer donations than we did at the same time last year. Please reach out to business contacts, salons, gyms and restaurants that you frequent and ask them for donations!  We could not possibly achieve our goal of raising $150,000 without your help!!Priority items are:a. Vacation homes, hotels & travel. Airline miles are greatly appreciated.b. Special Events and Unique VIP Experiences (i.e. sports & entertainment, TV show tapings, movie screenings, etc.)c. Dinners at top notch and preferred neighborhood restaurants (we have very few this year!!)d. Beauty and health services (i.e. Facials, Botox, laser hair removal, hair treatments, teeth whitening, etc.)e.  Donations of unused gift cards are always welcome:  AMEX, B&N, iTunes, GameStop, pre-paid movie tickets, etc. etc.! We find it very helpful to let the businesses know that this is a valuable opportunity to be seen by 300+ New York City families.  It also never hurts to keep 10 copies of donation forms in your handbag / briefcase / backpack / stroller, as you never know where you may end up and who you may meet. (The beauty of living in NYC!) A complete auction package with all the necessary donation forms and auction information was backpacked before the holidays. It can also be downloaded by clicking here.Please take a minute to familiarize yourself with the various ways to contribute. If you just need donation forms, click here to download.   Thanks for your help!!

General Education Kindergarten Admissions –  Opened January 13, 2014  As a reminder, Kindergarten Admissions opened today and applications are due by February 14, 2014. Families will be able to apply to kindergarten in one of three ways:

  online using a new tool (“Kindergarten Connect”), 

 over the phone by calling 718-935-2400,

 in person at any one of thirteenenrollment offices located throughout the City.

 The following resources are available:   An informational video that outlines the kindergarten admissions process and basic steps for submitting a kindergarten application. The video is available in ten languages on theKindergarten Admissions page.   For questions,  2014-2015 Elementary School Directories   The 2014-2015 Elementary School Directories for each borough and for choice districts 1, 7, and 23 are now available online. Each Directory provides detailed information about Kindergarten Admissions and the elementary school options available for your child.  You can also pick up Elementary School Directories from your child’s local elementary school or by visiting an Enrollment Office.

Information Sessions   For a full schedule of events see this flyer or visit Kindergarten Admissions page.