Screen Shot 2014-09-06 at 6.11.40 PMRemember to have your children log all the books they read this summer. Every child who read at least 5 books and submits their reading log will have their name placed on the Read-A-Thon wall across from the Main Office, and receive a medal!
Back by popular demand, the Read-A-Thon medal ceremony will be held in the auditorium again this year. Each participant will have their name called and will come up on stage to receive their medal. We’re so excited to be able to reward our students this way for their reading efforts.

It’s not too late to ask family and friends to sponsor your child for their reading- every dollar collected will fund the many wonderful programs at Lower Lab. Attached are book logs and sponsor sheets for those who need additional copies.

Thank you for supporting your child’s reading efforts, and our school!

Please let us know if you have any questions.

Your 2014 Read-A-Thon co-chairs,

Denise Greene (Mackenzie, 2-203)
Elizabeth Hoseman (Kate, 4-243, Georgia, 1-103)
Rachelle Sorensen (Kai, 3-208, Auden, 1-141)