Green Cup Challenge Underway!

Screen Shot 2014-11-06 at 2.25.01 PMPlease help us conserve electricity during November, as PS77 and PS198 compete in the NYC Green Cup Challenge. Yesterday a group of fourth and fifth graders from both schools took our first meter reading, and each Wednesday until December 3 more students will get to help with meter readings. Students will be talking about energy and electricity use in science classes, and making signs of encouragement in art classes, and you may also have noticed our custodial staff turning off some of the hallway lights. We can all help by turning off lights, using appliances and computers as little as possible, and turning things off when they are not being used. The NYC Green Cup Challenge has 168 schools participating, and competition gets stiffer every year, so please help us do our best!


Christiane Stidham and Victoria Belin