ARIS – Download and Save Information in ARIS by December 31

Dear Lower Lab Upper Grade Families

As of January 1, the NYCDOE will no longer use ARIS or ARIS Parent Link. If you have content on ARIS Connect that you would like to print out and save.

Note that the NYCDOE will create a new system, which will provide parents with online access to up-to-date student information, to replace ARIS Parent Link by September 2015. Until the new system is in place, the NYCDOE will provide parents with alternate ways of retrieving their students’ information. More information about alternate methods for parents to retrieve their students’ information, as well as further details about the new system that will replace ARIS Parent Link, will be provided asap.

This is particularly important for families who want to get all the testing info ELA/Math/Science printed out for posterity via ARIS.

Lower Grades there is no need to Download any info as your children have not taking the ELA or Math Tests.

If you have problems accessing  ARIS Gina can help you reset your password.