Lower Grades (K-2) Music Save the Date!

IMG_4868Dear Lower Lab Families,

I hope this year finds everyone happy, healthy, and feel musical. I am excited to announce that this January I will be opening the doors to the music room for you to participate in a class with your child! Each week I hear the children expand their musical knowledge and repertoire and watch them build our musical community. I want to extend an invitation to you to share in these wondrous developments.

Below is a save-the-date in the hopes that many of you can make arrangements with work and childcare (I ask that only adults attend this event as to minimize distractions). Siblings will be welcome at the Spring Sing, of course!

 Wednesday, January 14:

 Period 1: Sarah’s class (Parents visit from 8:30-9:00)

Period 2: Justin’s class (Parents visit from 9:30-10:00)

Period 5: Kristin’s class (Parents visit from 12:15-12:45)

Wednesday, January 21:

 Period 1: Liz’s class (Parents visit from 8:30-9:00)

Period 2: Allison’s class (Parents visit from 9:30-10:00)

Period 5: Donna’s class (Parents visit from 12:15-12:45)

 On the day of your visitation please check in with security who will send each group up to the music room at the designated time. Some seating will be available, but I encourage you to wear comfortable clothing, as most of the seating will be on the floor with the children. This makes the experience all the more authentic!

I’m looking forward to seeing you all in my classroom in January. Thank you in advance for supporting this new opportunity and for all you do to bring music to the lives of the students here!

Warm Regards,

Sarah Prusasky

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