No Name Calling Week a HUGE SUCCESS!

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No Name-Calling Week was inspired by the popular young adult novel entitled The Misfits by popular author James Howe. The book tells the story of four best friends trying to survive the seventh grade in the face of all too frequent taunts based on their weight, height, intelligence, and sexual orientation/gender expression. The friends create a new political party during student council elections and run on a platform aimed at wiping out name-calling of all kinds. The No-Name Party in the end, wins the support of the school’s principal for their cause and their idea for a “No Name-Calling Day” at school.

Motivated by this simple, yet powerful, idea, the No Name-Calling Week Coalition created by GLSEN and Simon & Schuster Children’s publishing, consisting of over 60 national partner organizations, organized an actual No Name-Calling Week in schools across the nation. Since then, No Name-Calling Week has been adopted by schools everywhere and has grown into one of the largest bullying-prevention initiatives in the country.

When people think of bulling, they sometimes think only of kids being pushed around. But being called hurtful names is a kind of bullying too. Sometimes being called names can hurt almost as much as being hit or shoved.  Maybe the name-caller thought the names were funny, but name-calling is not funny at all to the person who is being called those names.

To help make kids aware of how much name calling can hurt, schools all over the U.S. are planning to mark No Name-calling Week January 19-23 in 2015!

There is an old saying, “Sticks and stones may break my bones, but names will never hurt me.” Do you agree with that saying?

Stay tuned and we will be sharing more about this new initiative at Lower Lab School!