The deadline to apply to a Citywide or Community Education Council hAS BEEN EXTENDED UNTIL MARCH 16

Screen Shot 2015-01-22 at 4.31.43 PMThe deadline to apply to a Citywide or Community Education Council is this Wednesday 3/16/15.  Here are 5 Things YOU can do RIGHT now:

  1. VISIT NYCParentLeaders.orgfor more information
  2. JOINus for:

2015 Council Elections Inform & Apply Night with Chancellor Fariña Tweed Courthouse  Tuesday, March 10th 2015  

5:30 p.m. -7:30 p.m.

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Tweet: Parents! Be the change you want to see in NYC schools! Go to: and #RaiseYourHandNYC Your voice matters!

Tweet#RaiseYourHandNYC and serve on an Education Council! Our schools need parents like YOU! 

Facebook: Parents! Our application portal to serve in a NYC Education Council is available in 10 languages! Select yours and #RaiseYourHandNYC


Tweet: ¡Nuestras escuelas necesitan padres como tú! Forma parte de un Consejo de Educación de NYC:  #RaiseYourHandNYC

Tweet: Nuestras escuelas necesitan padres como tú. Únete a un Consejo de Educación:  #RaiseYourHandNYC

  1. READChancellor Fariña’s announcement
  2. APPLYtoday!