student council logoDear PS 77 and PS 198 Staff and Families,

March 31, 2015


To start, we’d like to share something special that we were able to be a part of on Friday February 27th.  Our building had a visit from City Council Member Ben Kallos and the Student Council had an opportunity to meet with him and ask him a few questions.  Some questions that the representatives came up with were:  “What are you doing to help education and transportation?” and “Tell us about your path to becoming a City Council Member… did you always want to work in politics?”  Mr. Kallos seemed to be impressed with our school leaders and we were certainly glad to hear from one of our community leaders.

On Tuesday, March 17th, we held our monthly Student Council meeting.  Two teachers in our building gave the greeting for our March meeting; Ms. Lynnmarie Russo teaches 1st grade at PS 198 and Ms. Claudia Coia teaches 5th grade at PS 77.  They talked to the representatives about their many duties in their classrooms and in the school building.  One student asked, “Do you have to work on the weekend?”  Both Ms. Russo and Claudia said that they often are here early in the morning to prepare before students get here and that they stay after school hours too.  Any work they may have to do on the weekend though they do at home and they do not come into school.  This greeting helped to remind us of all the many wonderful and important, things that teachers do!


For our ice-breaker, we revisited the self-portraits that students created in February.  The portraits portray the way in which we envision ourselves.  We had some fun with them as a group and tried to guess which portrait belonged to who.  The purpose of this activity was to see if others recognize us from our self-portraits so that we can compare our views of ourselves with the way others see us.  Some portrait creators were guessed right away, while others were more difficult.


We then engaged in our main activity of the March meeting- The Mood Meter.  The Numbers 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5 were posted in large print on the cafeteria wall from one end of the room to the other.  Students were instructed to stand under a number corresponding with their current mood (1= worst, 5= best).  Once the children were situated by the numbers they chose, they were given chart paper and markers and asked to brainstorm and record emotional vocabulary words for their number.  We noticed that there were many more students in the higher number groups than the lower.  We shared these thoughtful lists as a group and here are a some examples: 1= angry, totally tired, 2= gloomy, bored, 3= relaxed, calm, 4= excited, happy, 5= awesome, amazing.  We discussed how we all experience a range of feelings and that these feelings may fluctuate and change throughout the day.  If we are on the lower end of the meter though, we want to work toward making our way to a high number.


To wrap up, we reminded students about our March Spirit Day, “Crazy Hair Day” on Friday March 27th.  The representatives signed a Thank You Card for Mr. Kallos to show our appreciation for getting our schoolyard plowed earlier this month as well.  We closed with our Student Council handshake and representatives took an agenda to share with their classes.  We will meet again on Tuesday April 28th after testing for our April meeting and the April School Spirit Day (Pajama Day) will be postponed also for Friday May 1st.


Until next time,


Elana Hoffman Allison Wagner

Guidance Counselor, PS 77 Guidance Counselor, PS 198