Chess Update

P1590884LL students perform brilliantly at the NEST+M tournament on May 31st capping off a wonderful year for LL Chess.

Our children took home 1st Place Team in three Sections: Reserve K-12 (Ezra van Boxtel – 1st Place, Triton Oh – 2nd Place with 5 students in the top 10); Primary; and Novice 1 (Max Koh -1st Place and Sobel Gaudissard – 2nd Place). We finished in 3rd Place in the Classic Section.

Many of our students ages 6 to 9 competed against high school students and performed very well.

If any students have any interest in participating in chess tournaments in the coming year, we implore you to give it a try. There are no tryouts and there are many sections for first timers. The only requirement is that you are a LL student.