Please READ!!!! Important! Hard deadline of June 30th to order your school supplies for your child for the next school year!

Dear Lower Lab Families,

Please do not forget that tomorrow is the deadline to order your supplies online. This is the BEST SYSTEM! Why shop at stores piece-meal when you can get everything sent to the school before you start on the first day? Remember if you are in grades 1-4 you should also look at the supplies for Dr. Klaf in Science or Art Supplies for all grades as well for Michelle Liss.

Gina will be posting all the supply list in the next week online. You will get these lists in your placement letters in August as well but why wait. Take care of this now and set your child up for success with all the supplies they need and save time and money in costs of items as well!!!

See below:

It’s a super easy process, with built in cost savings and of course, time savings! In addition, all supplies will be labeled with your child’s name and placed in their classroom for the first day of school!! Proceeds from your order benefit Lower Lab PTA programs.

Teacher approved lists are now available online at: and see how easy the process really is!

Follow these simple steps:

1. When you land on the site, it will ask for the school zip code – Put in 10128

2. Select your grade (with the letter of your last name if requested) -Your supply kit will come up. Click through to order.

3. Your teacher has requested optional items that will help your classroom greatly.
Go back to the main list to order these items. When complete…

4. Go back to the main list, scroll down the list to add the Art kit items your child will need. Repeat for your Science kit as well.

5. You can also add a kit for the Coalition for the Homeless Project: Back to School items for children in need.

Done and done!

Please order as soon as you can. The lists will close on June 30th, 2015.

Thanks for helping us make this year’s program a success.