1st Day School Supplies Delivered!!!!

Screen Shot 2015-09-04 at 11.02.15 AMIf you ordered school supplvies through the 1st Day School Supplies program, the supplies were delivered to Lower Lab this week. Our amazing volunteers (parents and kids!) and administrative and custodial staff, unpacked ten pallets worth of supplies from the truck, sorted and delivered them to the classrooms. Tremendous thanks to:
  • Nina Virdi
  • Emily Spinna
  • Len Silverman
  • Lauren Levy
  • Lesley Stone
  • Aleem Remtula
  • Furhana Hasani
  • Mitali Bhandari
  • Swati Khandelwal
  • Zoe Markman
  • Rose Spinna
  • Abby Stone
  • Spencer Kurfeld
  • Spencer Silverman
  • Kavya Khandelwal
  • Teja Virdi
  • Jas Virdi
  • Bob Spinna
  • Pragya Khandelwal
  • Noor Husani 
  • Sammy Stone
  • Samara Bhandari
If you have any questions about what kits you ordered, please consult your cx 1st Day School Supplies order confirmation. School supply lists are available on the Lower Lab website.