Middle School INFO from NYCDOE

Screen Shot 2015-09-18 at 6.16.54 PMThe NYCDOE will host middle school fairs in each district between September 30 and October 8 in order to provide families of students in fifth grade with opportunities to learn more about middle school options. All fairs will take place from 5:30–7:30 p.m.; see here for specific dates and locations. Elementary school principals will receive flyers to distribute to their students later this month.

Print a middle school admissions checklist for families here. For more information about middle school admissions, visit the Enrollment page or email MSenrollment@schools.nyc.gov.


 Review the Middle School Directory
 Meet with your guidance counselor to discuss middle school options and the Request for Testing (RFT)

 Contact schools of interest about open houses, information sessions, and audition dates
 Check the middle school website for important dates: nyc.gov/schools/middleschool
 Attend the District Middle School Fairs


 Attend the District Middle School Fairs
 Return RFT to your guidance counselor
 Attend information sessions and open houses  Review Admissions Priorities for each school


 Receive middle school application
 Check your commute for schools of interest  Get your application ready:

o Rank the choices you are interested in attending o Sign and make a copy of the application


 Submit your completed application to your guidance counselor January

 Attend auditions and interviews; complete school-based assessments and/or portfolios February

 Attend auditions and interviews; complete school-based assessments and/or portfolios March

  Receive and return New Middle Schools application to guidance counselor (optional)


  Middle school match results distributed

  Students who participated in the new schools round and received two matches return notification

letter to guidance counselor with choice of which match to accept

  Students who wish to appeal must also return notification letter to their school, then return completed appeal application


 Middle school appeal results distributed