The Bus and Metro Card INFO – Please Read!!!!

Dear Lower Lab Families,

  • We are aware that there have been bus issues over the last few weeks. We appreciate your patience as OPT adjusts the bus routes. The administration is fully aware of everyone’s concerns.  Until all the stops are in place and there is a consistency with ridership / service we appreciate everyone’s support. We feel that most issues have been addressed and hope that any remaining bus issues will be resolved in the next week.
  • We request that all Bus/Metro-Card Families read the following information.  This is important information that may effect your child’s eligibility or Metro Card Fares. These changes will only effect students in grades 3-5. If this pertains to your child the main office will contact you directly as these particular changes will be put into place by January 1st.  (Flyer Version of Post) 
Once again thanks for your continued support.

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