Barnes & Noble/Upper East Side, 150 E. 86th St. @ Lexington Ave. Mini Maker Faire® for all Ages November 6-8

Screen Shot 2015-11-05 at 5.43.09 PMMake Workspace, a tech-education expo space, where we will demo some of the leading products in technology today that teach users of all ages the valuable skills of coding and 3D printing. There are five featured products that will be showcased:
·       da Vinci Jr. 1.0 3D Printer from XYZprinting, affordable, perfect for anyone from a first-time 3D designer to an aspiring inventor, and the number one 3D printer for the home, office or classroom (K-12);
·       Ozobot, which makes robotics easy by using the simplicity of color to teach programming and break the barriers of technological intimidation;
·       Sphero SPRK Edition, which teaches coding and programming and will be powered by NOOK® during the demonstration;
·       Slipstream Drone from Protocol, a 4-channel radio-controlled mini quad copter
·       Meccano Meccanoid from Spin Master, a four-foot-tall, programmable, walking, talking robot for children.

Meet the Makers, experts, educators and authors dedicated to changing the way people learn, ideate, design, create, build and embrace the future.
·       Matt Stultz, 3D Printing Expert from Make Magazine – Friday, November 6 @ 5 PM
·       Chris Steininger, Lego Master Builder – Saturday, November 7 @ 10 & 11 AM
·       Anita Murphy, co-founder Creativity Hub – Showcasing The Extraordinaires: Design Studio Pro – Saturday, November 7 @ 1 PM
·       Bruce Gemmell and Julie Rauer of Art Science Complex presenting Origami-Math Workshop – Saturday, November 7 @ 5 PM
·       NYC Boy Scouts showing ham radios & making straw rockets – Saturday, November 7 @ 7 PM
·       Expert Caedmon School presentation and workshop, Sunday, November 8th @ 1 PM
·       NYC Boy Scouts showing ham radios & making straw rockets – Sunday, November 8th @ 5 PM
Make & Collaborate, then SHARE! 
Among the featured products for children are:
·       Electronic Snap Circuits from ELENCO, 
·       littleBits
·       Maker Studio™ from ThinkFun, 
·       LEGO® Bionicle Bricks, 
Adults will also have the opportunity to make and collaborate using products like:
·       Extraordinaires® Design Studio PRO
·       LEGO® Architecture Studio