Solar One’s 5th annual Green Design Lab Energy Challenge

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The Green Team is very excited about participating in the Solar One’s 5th annual Green Design Lab Energy Challenge! We could win part of $25,000 in prize money.  We need everyone’s help in turning off the classroom lights if on at the end of the day. Students and teachers can assist by reducing the amount of electricity used in the building during the next four months compared to the last two years. look out for the signs reminding everyone to switch lights and announce the need to reduce electricity whenever possible.

Let’s reduce our kilowatt-hours of electricity from last years challenge….

Over 70 schools competed in last year’s challenge, each bringing students, teachers and custodians together with the goal of school-wide electricity reduction. From shutting off lights to unplugging unused appliances, average energy savings ranged from 5 to 23 percent for most schools when compared to average electricity usage for the same period over the past two years.