NYC SCHOOL SURVEY Today is the last day….

70% parent response rate (231 parent surveys received)

Please remember:

• The deadline for parent​s​ is April 1.

• Response rates reflect surveys processed as of 9 am Friday, April 1.

​You still have time!​

Please remind your teachers, parents, and students that the survey is due today, April 1. Teachers and parents should call the Survey Hotline at 1-800-690-8603 if they have lost survey materials. If you have not yet received your shipment of teacher, parent, or student survey materials, please reach out to


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It is that time of year!

Tomorrow the surveys make their way home in the famous “green” envelopes. Please take approximately ten minutes to either fill them out, seal the envelope and send them back in with your child, or you can complete the survey online.  The more completed surveys that we have, the more our community is represented in terms of feedback. If we are going to continue to improve and grow as a school community, we need to hear from all of you!



What is the NYC School Survey?

Every year, parents/guardians, teachers, and students in grades 6-12 take the NYC School Survey. The survey helps school administrators and pre-K program leaders understand what key members of their school or program’s community think about the learning environment and the quality of education children are receiving. The information captured by the survey is designed to support a dialogue among all members of a school or program’s community about how to make the school or program a better place for learning.   

The NYC School Survey consists of three separate survey instruments: The “Parent Survey”, the “Teacher Survey”, and the “Student Survey” (for students in grades 6 – 12 only). The parent/family and student surveys can be filled out online or by hand. The teacher survey is only available online.

For district schools: NYC School Survey results are shared in the NYC School Survey report and incorporated into each school’s School Quality Snapshot and School Quality Guide.

Are there any changes to this year’s surveys?

Like last year, the 2015-2016 version of the NYC School Survey is aligned to the D OE’s Framework for Great Schools . Based on analysis of last year’s results and constituent feedback, the DOE has made minor revisions to all three versions of the survey (parent/family, teacher, and student) this year. The survey will collect vital information about a school’s capacity to improve student achievement by measuring the extent to which each school incorporates the six essential elements—rigorous instruction, supportive environment, collaborative teachers, effective school leadership, strong family and community ties, and trust—that drive school improvement and develop students to compete in the 21st century. The survey will be one of multiple measures used to help the DOE assess the six essential elements.

General revisions to the survey include:

  • The elimination of items that were found to be redundant.
  • The addition of new items to improve the strength of existing measures or based on feedback from focus groups, feedback sessions, the Research Alliance for NYC Schools (RANYC), and other DOE offices.
  • The revision of existing items to improve clarity.

 Revisions to the parent/family component of the survey include:

  • 20 questions deleted from the following elements: Effective School Leadership, Supportive Environment, Collaborative Teachers, and Strong Family-Community Ties;
  • The addition of a specific subset of 5 pre-K questions developed by the Division of Early Childhood Education (DECE), as well as 1 new question about communications from the school; and
  • 13 questions revised to improve clarity, including the modification of response options for the “most-desired improvement” question that integrates parent feedback from the School Quality Snapshot online feedback survey.

What is the deadline for completing the surveys?

Friday, April 1, 2016.


How is the Parent Survey administered?

During the week of February 22nd, you will also receive a package with surveys for all families. Each family will receive a survey in English and Spanish, unless their “home language” in ATS is one of the other official languages that the DOE supports. In those instances, the family will receive a survey in English and that other “home language.”

  • Each survey is placed in a green envelope, which contains the survey itself and a prepaid return envelope.
  • Families can also take the survey online – in any of the nine official DOE languages – using the eightdigit survey code found on their respective survey. Families completing the survey online should go to the NYC School Survey website (, enter their eight-digit code, and complete the survey.
  • If families have more than one child in the same school or pre-K program, they should fill out just one survey about their oldest child at that school/program. If a family has children in two or more New York City schools/pre-K programs, the family should fill out a separate survey for each school/program. However, if you receive more than one survey for a household, please send all surveys home.

There are siblings in my school. How will the survey team account for this?

Your school’s survey population will be adjusted before response rates are finalized in April based on enrollment records in ATS. Students with matching address information in ATS will be counted as a single household and your response rate will be adjusted to reflect one survey for the household.

What should parents do if they have more than one child in this school?

Parents should complete one survey per school. If a parent has more than one child in the same school, the parent should fill out one survey based on the experience of the oldest child in that school. If a parent has children enrolled in multiple schools, the parent should fill out one separate survey for each school.

How can parents take the survey online?

Parents can take the survey online at using the survey access code printed on their individual surveys.

What if a parent loses the paper survey?

If parents lose their surveys or are having technical difficulties with the online survey, they should call the Survey Hotline at 1-800-690-8603. The Survey Hotline will be able to provide eligible parents with survey access information to take the survey online.

Where can parents go to complete the survey online if they don’t have computers?

We have school computers and space available to parents to take the survey online.

How will parents know that their online survey has been successfully submitted?

Parents have an opportunity to provide an email address while taking the online survey. This step is completely optional. If parents choose to provide an email address, a confirmation email will be sent to that address indicating that the survey was submitted. In addition, participants will see a confirmation page on the computer screen when they have submitted the survey. This page can be printed for a parent’s record.

Other questions? Email