Very important info regarding NYC School Acount – This will impact accessing summer testing scores!

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NYC Schools Account

With an NYC Schools Account you will be able to access key information about your child’s progress in school, including attendance, report card grades, assessments, general student information, and academic schedule in one of ten languages on a computer, phone or tablet.

We sent home sheets to all students who had not signed up for an account over the last weeks. If you are interested in finding out your child’s test scores for grades 3-5. Please take a moment and log on to the system to make sure you have access. We may not be able to get this information to you once the summer hours begin! Please take time this weekend or before the 28th (Last Day of School) to confirm access to your child’s account!

Sign in to see your child’s recent test scores, attendance records, and grades.

To set up an account you will need your child’s Student ID number, which you can find on his or her report card, as well as an Account Creation Code, which your school will supply. The office has backpacked to every  family who has not registered for an account an envelope over the last week from Gina  so that you can create an account.


To register online:

You may also register online for a NYC Schools account without visiting your school. You will need your child’s unique NYC Schools Account Creation Code, which you received in a letter from your school (see a sample letter here ), and your child’s 9-digit student ID number in order to create an NYC Schools Account or to add additional children to your existing account. For additional information and step-by-step instructions, see below.


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Signing into Your NYC Schools Account

Sign into your NYC Schools Account from a computer, phone, or tablet by visiting

If you created your account in person, enter your email address and temporary password on the NYC Schools login page. Follow the directions printed on your “NYC Schools Account Confirmation Receipt”, which will walk you through the account set up process.

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A new feature has been added to NYC Schools Account (NYCSA), which will require all parents or guardians who use NYCSA to validate their email address in order to continue to view their child’s data. Going forward, after creating their account, all new users will receive an email from NYCSA asking them to click on a link to validate their email address. Upon signing in to their NYC Schools Account, current users will be asked to confirm their email address by September 30, if they have not already done so. Beginning October 1, users who have not yet validated their email address will be unable to access their child’s data in NYCSA until they do so.