Dear Lower Lab Parents and Guardians,

In order to assign Metrocards and to organize the Buses,

Hugues needs to know if you child will use a Metrocard or if you plan to have your child riding the Yellow Bus. Your child can either ride the Bus or get a Metrocard. It is not possible to get both. Of course, only eligible students will receive a Metrocard or ride the bus.  Please send  Hugues   an email at


see regulations regarding bus via chancellors regs….

You can also send a note or a fax but my preferred method of communication is emailing at

If you have any other bus related question such as stop times for pick up or drop off please also send these requests by email. Tell Hugues your exact address so that he can find the location of the stop and give you the times if this is your inquiry.

Finally, if you have already submitted the lunch forms over the summer we greatly appreciate this. If you have not done this yet please do so!


Regarding LUNCH…

Children need healthy meals to learn. The Office of SchoolFood offers healthy meals every school day. Breakfast is at no charge to all students and lunch costs $1.75.

Some students may be eligible for free meals. To determine if you qualify for free meals before the start of school on September 8, 2016, complete a School Meals Application online  In applying online, you will avoid the hassle of submitting a paper form in September. EVERY FAMILY MUST COMPLETE THIS FORM REGARDLESS OF FREE LUNCH STATUS. THE DOE WILL CONTINUE TO REQUEST THESE FORMS FOR COMPLIANCE PURPOSES UNTIL THEY GET ONE FROM EACH PS77 FAMILY. (EVEN IF YOU THINK YOU DON’T QUALIFY FOR FREE LUNCH FILL OUT FORM!) 

You can apply online using any computer, tablet, or smartphone with an internet connection. Please keep in mind that families are responsible for the full price of lunch while the lunch application is being processed.

Applications submitted online are processed within 24 hours of receipt and you will receive immediate confirmation that your application was submitted. WHEN YOU GET THAT CONFIRMATION SEND IT TO HUGUES. HIS EMAIL IS Your privacy is important to us, so all information provided on your application will be kept confidential. Federal regulations do not allow the Department of Education to share your information with any other agency.

What you will need to provide during the application process:

  • The names and incomes of every member of your household (*If you know that you are not going to request free lunch, you may leave income section blank but you MUST fill out form.)
  • The school, grade, birthdate of every student in your household. (Optional)
  • The last 4 digit of your social security number and electronic signature
  • A valid email address or phone number for the Office of School Food to communication about the status of the application. (Optional)
  • Don’t forget to send HUGUES our School Aid the confirmation once forms are completed.

If you have any questions, please contact The Office of SchoolFood at 877-363-6325.