Letter from your Mayor!

September 9, 2016

Dear Families:


There is always a special excitement on the first day of school, and I am so happy to join with Chancellor Fariña, principals, teachers and school communities throughout the five boroughs in extending a warm welcome to you all on this joyous day.

As parents, we send our children to school on the first day expecting great things. We want them to learn and to grow, to be safe and to make friends, to do well in school, and, eventually, to graduate and go on to a bright future. I want this success for all of New York City’s children, and our incredible students make me tremendously hopeful for the future of our great city.

With the investments we are making as part of our Equity and Excellence agenda, we are shaking the foundation of our education system. A generation of students is moving through our schools with the advantages of Pre-K, test scores are up, graduation rates are up and we are making sure all kids are getting a fair opportunity for a great education.

Parents are partners in our kids’ success and they work hard to support our students and schools every step of the way. Our principals and teachers are dedicated to building that partnership and involving parents in the experience of teaching their children. So a special welcome to all the parents as you bring your energy and commitment inside our schools and share in your children’s achievements.

Our education system is moving rapidly in the right direction and our city’s smart, hardworking, dedicated and determined children, parents and educators are lifting up communities and making their mark on the city, the country and the world. You have made your Mayor very proud, and I look forward to all you will accomplish this year!


Bill de Blasio Mayor

P.S. To learn more about our vision for achieving Equity and Excellence FOR ALL in all our schools, please visit schools.nyc.gov/EEforAll