After school begins today. Please see the important information below.


1)  Dismissal instructions and Waivers
Please make sure that you send updated dismissal instructions to your child’s teacher.  Also, if you are in a class the requires a waiver (Pop Star Dance, Ice Skating and Gymnastics), send your completed waiver with your child on the first day of class.  If dismissal instructions are not updated, or if your waiver is not completed, your child may miss the first day of class.
2)  Pick up
Be on time to pick up your child at the classroom indicated in the “Welcome to Afterschool” email sent last week.  Please note, classrooms are subject to change.  Allow additional time for pick up during the first two weeks of class.
3)  Contact Information
For any pick up changes, other same day issues or any urgent matters contact our on-site supervisors at or  646-591-9293.  They are available from 3:00-5:00pm daily.  Please do not contact our parent volunteer email, as it may not be monitored during this time.  Please do not contact the school office or the parent coordinator.
Thank you for helping us make after school fun and safe for our children.
Lower Lab Afterschool Team – parent volunteers
Angela Myatt, Catherine Lee, Christiane Stidham, Helen Poon & Lauren Gautier