Happenings…In Grade 5!

This past week was so exciting… Below are a few highlights!

Hook your reader with a POWERFUL LEAD! 

Students read numerous leads and examined the purpose of the sentence and how it made them feel. Reading leads written by experts is an excellent place to start classifying the types of leads and notice which are most successful.


As a class we noticed 6 different types of leads that will strengthen both our writing and debate presentations.

  • Dialogue
  • Question
  • Snapshot/Paint a picture
  • Flashback
  • Sound Effect
  • Action/Bold Statement

Students then examined photographs. Together with our partners, we developed exciting leads using the techniques we learned from the experts!

Every Map Tells a Story!

In social studies students took a gallery walk and discovered numerous types of maps.

We noticed the difference between physical maps and historical maps.

Through reading, students learned how to: 

1. Identify physical and historical maps.

2. Explain how the information on maps can tell stories about places, people and the past.

Ask your child about the cool maps depicting the best spots in NYC for:


Take a look!