We are also happy to announce that Open School Week is scheduled by the New York City Department of Education for Monday, November 14th to Friday, November 18th.

Open School Week is a time for you to observe your child’s class ‘in action’.  Parents are welcome to visit and participate in their child’s classroom according to the following schedule:

Grade Dates   Time
Kindergarten Monday, Nov. 14 8:30-10:00
First Grade Thursday, Nov. 17 8:30-10:00
Second Grade Tuesday, Nov. 15 8:30-10:00
Third Grade Thursday, Nov. 17 8:30-10:00
Fourth Grade Wednesday, Nov. 16 8:30-10:00
Fifth Grade Friday, Nov. 18 (See Below) 9:15am-10:50am


Fifth grade parents will have an opportunity to visit the ELA/Social Studies class (Room 220) with Leslie Blaustein as well as the Science/Math class (Room 218) with Claudia Coia as shown below:


Homeroom 5-220 (5B) Homeroom 5-218 (5A)
9:10am-10am ELA/SS

Room 220

9:10am-10am Math/Science

Room 218

10:05am- 10:50am Math/Science

Room 218

10:05am- 10:50am ELA/SS

Room 220


Please be advised that you are asked to bring the  “pass” with your signature for Open School Week visitations.  This pass will permit you to enter the building without the need to sign-in with a safety agent.  Nevertheless, all parents should be prepared to provide identification to the security agents. You must enter through Third Avenue doors.    We look forward to seeing you during Parent Teacher Conference Day and Open School Week!



Sandra G. Miller

Denise Perez