3rd Grade November Update

Dear Third Grade Families,

It was great seeing so many of you at parent teacher conferences and/or at our open school day.
In reading, we are wrapping up our mystery unit with a celebration of all that we have learned. On Wednesday, the students will be inviting visitors from the second and fourth grade classes into their rooms to teach them about the skills that make strong mystery readers, such as looking for clues, evaluating suspects, making predictions, and even finding red herrings.  When we come back from Thanksgiving break, we will be moving on to reading informational texts.
In writing, we are also wrapping up our informational writing unit. When writing our pieces, we keep in mind balancing facts and ideas. We also made sure that our pieces have text features such as pictures with captions, graphs, diagrams, timelines, charts, and vocabulary boxes. After we finish this writing, the next unit will be on opinion writing!

Social Studies
In social studies, we have been studying New Orleans. We think like researchers and are learning different note taking strategies, including sketch notes and quick lists. We have been analyzing data on New Orleans while jotting notes and making inferences. We want to thank Miriam’s mom for coming in to teach the third grade about New Orleans and for the Mardi Gras beads!
In math, we have been working on our multiplication unit called The Big Dinner! We’ve been exploring and trying multiplication strategies such as repeated addition, skip-counting, doubling, and using ratio tables. We will continue to practice using these strategies and comparing their reliability and efficiency through the rest of the multiplication unit.
Important Announcements
Photo make-up day is Monday, November 28th.
Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!
Kevin and Laura