ESMS Rubric Changes

Dear Lower Lab Families,

Please see important information below regarding updates to the ESMS rubric.



The maximum score is 400


The following criteria are considered:


Standardized test scores comprise 25% of the final score


4th Grade NYS Standardized Tests (ELA and Math) – We will use the Proficiency Score

The highest possible score on both tests is 9.00 (4.50 on each test). Therefore a perfect score of 9.00 equals 100% and any score lower than a 9.00 will be calculated

accordingly (see example below):

Example: David has a 4.39 on his ELA and a 4.42 on his Math test. The total of these scores is 8.81. This is calculated as 97.89 percent*

*To calculate the percentage we divide the student score of 8.81 by the maximum score of 9.00. 8.81 divided by 9= .9789 or 97.89 percent


4th Grade Final Report Card – We will use all 9 grades provided by the DOE*

The report card grades comprise 75% of the total score

The highest possible score for each subject is a 4, therefore a perfect score would be 36 or 100%. The percentage value of any score lower than 36 will be calculated accordingly.

Letter/Number grades will be scored as such:

A or (E)xcellent or 90 – 100 = 4

B or (G)ood or 80 – 89 = 3 

C or (S)atisfactory or 70-79 = 2

D or (N)eeds Improvement or 60-69 = 1

F or (U)nsatifactory or Below 60 = 0


*Academic Grades: English, Math, Social Studies, Science


*Social and Emotional Grades: Time Management, Organization, Perseverance, Asks for Help, Respect


We will then multiply the report card score by 3 to reflect 75% of the total points.


Example: David received a 3 in Science, Time Management and Asks for Help. All other grades were a 4. His report card score is a 33 out of a possible 36 – this is calculated as 91.67 percent*


*To calculate the percentage we divide the student score of 33.00 by the maximum score of 36.00. 33.00 divided by 36.00 = .9167 or 91.67 percent

This percentage is then multiplied by 3 to reflect 75% of the total score = 275.01

The Standardized Tests and Report Card Scores are then combined:

97.89 + 275.01 = 372.90. This is David’s total score.

For the 2019-20 school year, 17% of incoming 6th grade seats at ESMS will be prioritized for District 2 students who qualify for free or reduced-price lunch.

We do not accept applications with more than 10 latenesses or more than 15unexcused absences. Please do not contact us regarding your child’s 4th grade attendance. If your child’s absences/latenesses have been excused, your elementary school has already provided this information.