4th Grade Practice Tasks for Week of 11/19 – 11/23

Bow Holds 

  • For violins and violas make sure your pinky is on top of the wood next to the adjusting screw.  Please keep in mind the pinky is bent.  Cellos and basses remember the pinky, ring, middle, and pointer go over the wood and the thumb is bent under the stick.
  • Practice with a pencil first.  Then transfer to the bow.

Playing Position 

  • Ensuring your left hand is away from the upper bout of the instrument.  You should be able to fit a tennis ball in between your left wrist and the upper bout of your instrument.

Essential Elements #13 – 15 on Page 7

  • For #13 make sure you are placing your fingers correctly on the correct tapes and string.
  • #14 new note E.  Everyone has the same fingering for this.  It’s first finger on the first tape on the D string.
  • #15 combines all the fingered notes we have learned so far.  Please also be sure to be very steady.  The best way to do this is subdivide 8th notes, count aloud, and tap your foot.  If you have a metronome you can set it to 80 – 90 beats per minute.

What We Will Be Working on During 11/26 – 11/30 

Please also take a look at Essential Elements #16 – 19 on pages 7 and 8 for next week

  • This is very similar to #15, but open D is included.

All the best,

Ms. Waldman