5th Grade Practice Tasks 11/26/18 – 11/30/18

Dear 5th Grade Families,

I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving!  Here are the practice tasks for this week.

Essential Elements #36 to Prepare for A Very Short History of Music 

Accelerando within the 5th measure.

D Major Scale Rhythm Variations to Prepare for Caissons Go Rolling Along: Eighth Notes and Whole Notes, Dotted Quarter-Eighth-Quarter-Quarter Rhythm 

Practice D Major scale on 8th notes and whole notes.  Remember there are two eighths within a quarter note and a whole note gets four beats.  You will use less bow for eighth notes and more bow for whole notes.

Rhythm for Caissons Go Rolling Along:  Dotted Quarter-Eighth-Quarter-Quarter 

Play Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star on this rhythm.  This rhythm frequently comes up within the piece The Caissons Go Rolling Along. 

Essential Elements #158

Please make sure G on the E string is played correctly.  This is the first note we are learning on the E string for violins.  Remember it is two fingers on the E string and it is a low second finger.  That means it’s in between our first and second tape.  It is the same fingering for F natural and C natural just on the E string.

A Very Short History of Music 

Please practice the accelerando within measures 61 – 65.  First practice at a slow tempo than gradually work up to performance tempo.  It is essential to get the notes in your fingers first.  Remember to also be patient with yourself 🙂

The Caissons Go Rolling Along 

Measures 37 – 40 where cellos and basses have the dotted quarter, eighth, quarter, quarter rhythm and violins and violas have whole notes.  Please ensure your rhythm is accurate within these measures.

Thank you,

Ms. Waldman