December 2018

Over the past few weeks the art room has been lavishly abundant with fall foliage color. Students have explored palettes rich in red, crimson, burgundy blended with yellow ochre, burnt sienna and deep umber. This range of tonal shades has inspired everyone to look deeply at nature as they find various line and shape details. Learning how to create bold hues by adding contrast to the plate has been a delight. To achieve this wonderful art, students have been working hard on “patience”.  An essential part of Room 241 is to practice taking time to make decisions. In addition, students work on developing control of tools by using slow repetitive motion. Reflecting on art from a distance will  give perspective and help gain trust with yourself in the process. Success is best achieved when the artist goes slow, plans ideas, redraws when necessary and takes their time.  Our main goal with art is to gain confidence in order to avoid the anxiety that comes when we work too fast.

Kindergarten/First Graders have been dedicated to circular art creating an end project called Indian corn collage. They discovered

Circular art collage

how texture can make something look more interesting next to the rounded corners. Soft lines are the earth, sun and life. When one draws many ovals together this is an opportunity to practice how to connect their shapes into one unified picture as opposed to scattered objects in random order. Adding colors in organized patterns and beautiful shades of autumn tissue paper for embellishment adds to this design. Children viewed the work of painter Angelo Franco from Ecuador whose vibrant circles depict an energy of quiet stillness. Their next project continues with this theme as we move from abstract to fictional characters with rounded shapes.

Second grade practiced arranging leaves falling from the sky. Watercolors used with wet-on-wet technique focusing on warm and cool shades. Learning how to add shadow and fine lines was our focus. Romare Bearden is our next inspirational artist.

Art Soup

Soup can art has been completed and it looks delicious. Current installation is on view outside of the art room. Students created many flavors such Sparkle, My Life, and Winter soup all that are connected to colors and shapes. Various drawing techniques were taught to emphasize their theme. Our next unit is on color theory and magic effects using the Banyan Tree from India as  our learning vehicle. Very exciting project.

Teddy Bear Soup

Fourth grade has also completed Modigliani which is featured in room 243. They are now creating tree sculptures that are divine. Using their hands to twist and turn this 3D craft.                                                                        Fifth grade is getting near the end of their unit with optical art. I can see some amazing final creations that are well designed with beautiful use of materials. Slow soft pencils lines that show shadow and highlights are terrific. Stay tuned.