December Updates

December 1, 2018

Dear Families,

What an amazingly productive month of November we had! It was a pleasure meeting with all of you at Parent Teacher Conferences and have you attend our Wingspan Improv Show! Below are some important announcements and reminders and updates on what we’ve been studying and where we are headed in December.

Friendly reminder that in conjunction with the lower lab value of the month, Gratitude, Fourth Grade is collecting toys for NY Common Pantry. Please refer to the flyer sent home for details. The last day for this collection is December 14th.

Reading, Writing and Social Studies have all come together as we spend our time and attention focused on informational reading and writing through our Native American research essay. The students have been researching their Native American tribes of choice and have been thinking about strategies to read nonfiction texts as they undergo the research process. We will continue to discuss reading and understanding nonfiction texts through both our research and through reading other nonfiction texts. It is important that students continue to develop their ability to identify the main idea and supporting details within a nonfiction text. Further, the students have been note taking about their Native American tribes and have begun drafting their essay outlines for their Native American tribes. Students used various note taking strategies during the research process and are utilizing their notes to draft their essay outline prior to drafting their essay. As the drafting process continues, we will be discussing important text features to include in their essay along with essay structure, introduction, conclusion and paragraph organization.

Student’s Native American Mini-Projects to be completed outside of school are due on Tuesday, December 18th. Our publishing party for our Native American essays will take place on Thursday, December 20th at 8:30 AM. I hope you are all able to attend!

We are also continuing our fiction reading work through our fiction partnerships. Students are reading the same fiction book as a partner in the class, meeting regularly to discuss their reading and thoughts and have begun writing extended responses based upon these partner books. Upon completion of a partner book, students are expected to turn in a first and final draft of an extended response within four school days. These extended responses push students to write and support their thinking of an entire book using text evidence. These responses also support student’s ability to write longer responses and continue to reinforce good paragraph and essay organization.

In Math we have been focusing on multiplication through array work. We have been discussing in class terms and concepts such as factors, multiples, and prime and composite numbers. Students have been developing strategies to determine all the factors of a given number with certainty and draw conclusions about the relationship between factors of related numbers such as 100 and 200. We are going to continue our work around multiplication in the coming weeks and begin to think about how we can use these concepts with larger numbers and begin our work of division.

We can’t wait to share our published essays with you at our Publishing Party and look forward to another productive month in 4-245!