4th Grade Practice Tasks Week of 12/3/18 – 12/6/18

Dear 4th Grade Families,

Happy December!  I can’t believe how fast the school year is going.  It’s hard to believe your children have already been playing their instruments for 3 months.  They have made so much progress.  The practice tasks for this week include the following:

Please Review Essential Elements #20 – 22 

We have learned how to play notes on the D string from open D string to G third finger for violins and violas.  For cello, G is played with four fingers on the D string.   These exercises also contain open A, which helps students to practice going from one string to the next.  Please make sure notes are being read accurately and the correct fingers are being placed for the notes.  For bass A is first finger on the G string.

For next week please take a look at Essential Elements #23 – 25

These exercises contain two new notes we will learn on the A string, they are C# and D.  For bass, D is played as 4th finger on the G string in third position and C# is also in third position on the G string, but played with a second finger.

Thank you for your hard work.  I understand learning to play a string instrument can be challenging.   However, keep persevering and you will notice progress.

Thank you,

Ms. Waldman