5th Grade Practice Tasks for 12/3/18 to 12/7/18

Dear 5th Grade Families,

It’s incredible how it is already December.  Here are the practice tasks for the week of 12/03/18 to 12/07/18.

Essential Elements #40 

Please ensure you are able to read and know how to play these notes.  We want to continue becoming better note readers.

Essential Elements #95 

This is our new note we are learning for this week.  It is B on the G string, which is two fingers on the second tape for violins and violas.  For cellos it is third finger on the second tape.  For bass it is 1st finger on the first tape on the A string.

A Very Short History of Music 

Please continue to work on measures 52 to 65.  It is starting to really come along, however we need to feel more confident with it.  Remember to work backwards.  You will learn the piece faster.  This is why we are starting from the end.  If you work backwards rather than forwards you will see faster results.

Caissons Go Rolling Along 

This week we will start working on the Caissons Go Rolling Along.  Please take a look at measures 41 – 45 for this week.  Make sure you are holding the whole note for four beats.  Remember ta-ah-ah-ah.  Clap this before you play it, it will make all the difference.  Please also take a look at the eighth note passage violins and violas in measures 43 and 44.  Remember less is more.  You will be able to play all of those notes if you use less bow :).  Take it at a slow tempo and gradually increase the tempo.

Thank you,

Ms. Waldman