Beacon-run snack table – Please be aware

Screen Shot 2018-12-04 at 11.19.36 AMDear Lower Lab Families,
It has come to our attention that many children in Afterschool are purchasing snacks from the Beacon-run snack table.
Unfortunately, some of the children are buying multiple items a day (and spending up to $20 at a time) and then sharing with other children in the auditorium before their classes begin.  Some students are also leaving their garbage and wrappers behind in the auditorium for our staff to pick up.
Please remind your child that it is against school policy to share any food items with others.  Please also remind your child how important it is to pick up after him/herself so that we are able to maintain a clean space.
If children continue to share items and/or leave garbage, we will have to instruct Beacon not to sell to any Lower Lab students.
Thanks for your continued support!