Digital Media in December

Dear families,

In December, the students will learn Computer Science fundamentals using a visual coding language called blockly. Students can create sequences using a variety of different blocks. Here are a few of the blocks used by 1st and 2nd grade students in Tynker.

1st and 2nd grade Students are completing puzzles in a Tynker game called Space Cadet. In Space Cadet, students choose an actor and program him/her to retrieve objects such as power cells and tablets. Students can use repeat and conditional blocks to complete their tasks. If your child wishes to use Tynker at home, it can be downloaded from the app store on the ipad or iphone. It’s also available on the chromebook or macbook air.


In the 5th grade, students are using Course F of’s curriculum to review computer science principles such as events, conditionals, functions, nested loops and variables. Students have built games or created stories on using one of its four apps below.

On the week of December 3rd, students will participate in the Hour of Code, an event where students choose a special activity from this link and complete it in under an hour.