Kindergarten Newsletter December 2018

Kindergarten Newsletter  


Word Study 


We started studying “snap words”, also known as high-frequency words (i.e. words that appear frequently in the texts). Students learn new snap words by looking at the written word (visual), spelling the word (auditory rhythmic), and writing the word (kinesthetic). We encourage you to practice these words at home.  

  • Words we’ve studied so far: the, I, a, my, me, like.


Reading Workshop 


We launched our Super Readers unit and students are learning and developing super reader powers (i.e. decoding strategies). Some of the powers we’ve started to activate are:


  • Pointer Power: Students point to each word they read.  


  • Partner Power: Students read with a partner, taking turns, sharing “Wow!” page, adding a pinch of themselves (i.e. adding their own thinking), trying to sound like a teacher when they read.


  • Reread power: Students reread books to learn more.


Writing Workshop 


We launched our Show and Tell unit, shifting our focus back to informational writing. They are writing and teaching about people, places, and things they love and/or know a lot about. They’ve been thinking about their topics, planning across pages and sketching their drawings, and adding lots of labels.  


  • Please Note: Our Publishing Party is scheduled for Thursday, December 20, 2018, between 8:30 – 9:00 AM 

  • Entry Passes Will be sent home in red folders that week.




We just wrapped up a unit focusing on subtraction. Students engaged in games that support their understanding of subtracting and provided them with practice for recording their work. These games and activities provide students with the repeated practice that leads to being able to fluently subtract within 10. 


Students are learning about equations and symbols such as, +, -. =. They are learning to match equations to a given situation and beginning to use them to represent their thinking, as well. 


We will also continue work around decomposing and composing numbers in different ways. 


Social Studies 

Students are learning about various fall and winter holidays and traditions (e.g. Diwali, Thanksgiving, Chanukah, Christmas, Kwanzaa, New Year) and we’ve been reading books and engaging in discussion and activities surrounding our core value, GRATITUDE. We talked about what gratitude means (i.e. what it looks like/sounds like) and what it means to be grateful/thankful.

This month we will be participating in the second grade’s Lower Lab Cares event. Students will be creating New Year’s cards for children in hospitals over the holidays. Please see the email that was sent for more information about the project and how you can help.



We’ve been learning about mammals! This month, we had Art Farm come and bring some mammals for us to learn about and interact with!  We felt antelope skin, a bone from a cow, and looked at hair from a porcupine.  We also met and pet 3 types of mammals: a chinchilla named Mini, a guinea pig named Reese, and a hamster named Patty!  We learned that all mammals are they are warm-blooded, they have fur or hair, and drink milk as babies.