Art with Ms. Michelle

January 2019

Happy New Year to Everyone!   January brings a variety of new opportunities for more multi-faceted lessons, visual literacy, cultural appreciation and exciting creativity. The projects this month will range from abstract shapes that emphasize feelings, to experimenting with vibrant watercolor techniques. In addition, some classes will  begin observational drawing instruction which teaches our artists to squint their eyes and look closely at  “what they see”.  

Every step in art that a child  takes, involves choices. Question examples: which value of color, what type of line, where should I place that shape and how many should I use? All of these experimental decisions encourage a visual path that will help build self-confidence and broaden each and every imagination.


Second Grade Spiral Design

December ended with the complementary colors of red and green. Students created designs with that aesthetic then added triangles to the equation. This exploration involved the challenges of paint, texture rubbing, shape templates, black tip markers and managing collage using glittery paper.

Balanced Collage Design

Triangles that worked with negative space taught students how to build a grand shape by working with numbers. The construction of this design allowed our artists to use their personal communication when adding designs and of course as many presents that they wanted.

Triangles/ Negative Space

I encourage all children to stretch their conventional ideas by stepping into a range of new unpredictable ways to solve problems. Take a chance, be creative and most of all … have fun !

20190102_144234 (2)
Fifth Grade