January Updates

January 2, 2019


Dear Families,


Happy 2019! It was wonderful seeing you all at our Publishing Party and celebrating the hard work of the students! Their work showed their clear devotion to learning about the Native Americans and understanding how to write high-quality informational texts. I know I was very proud of all that they accomplished!


The December Lower Lab value was Gratitude. Here is a link to the vimeo video about gratitude: https://vimeo.com/306460838  Password: gratitude77.


Here is what is coming up in January:


In reading, we will be continuing our work in our reader’s notebook focusing on writing about our reading. This will support our development of ideas around reading and our ability to write and talk about texts in a meaningful way. This will continue in book partnerships and will soon transition from fiction partnerships to historical fiction partnerships while continuing the high-quality writing work in the reader’s notebook. At home, please make sure your child is writing an entry each time he or she reads as it is very important that he or she is building this muscle of writing about reading on a daily basis.


In writing, we will be transitioning into writing personal essays by beginning to think about important issues to the students and then writing essays that connect to these important issues in a meaningful and powerful way. These essays will reinforce the essay structure the students learned from their Native American essay by reinforcing having a topic sentence with reasons and evidence, this time using details from their lives as their evidence. The goal of this unit is to reinforce the essay structure and develop students’ ability to write paragraphs that connect and support one main idea and that each contains their own topic sentence and supporting reasons.


In math, we will continue our work around multiplication and transition into division shortly. Students have been developing a powerful understanding of how multiplication works and explaining how multiplication works in word problems. We will utilize this knowledge as the foundation for our discussions around the division and understanding the division process. As always, it is important that students not only understand how to complete a problem but can also explain how division works and what the numbers are showing. We have not yet reviewed the standard algorithm for multiplication or long division so kindly refrain from having students utilize this strategy until we discuss both in class as we have not yet discussed and analyzed the mathematical process behind both.


In Social Studies, we will wrap up our Native American unit and transition into learning about explorers and who came and discovered America. In learning about the explorers, students will continue to read, annotate and note take about informational texts and continue using the skills we learned from our informational text reading unit. Wingspan will continue to support this learning with Ms. Sarah as we will be using our new knowledge of explorers in developing our acting and writing skills.


As it is now the new year, please take some time to clean out your child’s folder and remember that any papers sent home should be kept at home once they’ve been reviewed in class. The cleaner the folder, the easier it is for students to find what they’re looking for!


Thank you for an amazing first few months of the year! I know 2019 will bring wonderful things for our students! As always, if you have questions please do not hesitate to reach out!