5th Grade Practice Tasks 1/7/19 – 1/12/19

Essential Elements #45 Christopher’s Tune 

First work on the last four measures.  Then work on the first four measures.  Change the C sharps into C naturals.  This will help you for A Very Short History of Music. 

A Very Short History of Music Measures 18 to 23

Please make sure you are playing the correct rhythm.  Clap the rhythm using rhythm syllables like we do in class.  If you can clap it you can play it :).  I highly recommend you use a metronome for this section to make sure you are not rushing.  I would start at quarter note equals 78.  You can google metronome and set it to that tempo or use an app that has a metronome.

A Very Short History of Music Measures 32 – 39 

Remember measures 36 to 39 are very similar to measures 32 to 35.   The only difference is measure 35 and 39.  Please also make sure you are resting a full beat and holding the dotted quarter note the right length.  As I said in class think of the words Ode to Joy for measures 35 and 39.  Remember there are no C#s only C naturals in this section.  Make sure you are playing in between the first and second tape.

Thank you,

Ms. Waldman