STUDENT   COUNCIL  PS 77 / PS 198   

Dear PS 77 and PS 198 Staff and Families,                                                                            January 4, 2019

Our DecemberStudent Council Meetings took place on December 18, 2018. For both meetings, the groups were greeted by Student Council representatives; two 2ndgraders for our first meeting and two 5thgraders for our second meeting.  The greeting is voluntary and involves briefly sharing about yourself and speaking in front of the group followed by some time for questions.

The lower grade group started off with an ice-breaker called Matching Emotions. Students were given an emotion card (Angry, Happy, Confused, Surprised, Sad) that they kept hidden. They were given the task of finding the other students who had the same emotion card as them without using any words (key: facial expressions). Representatives did their best to form the 5 emotion groups silently.

The main activity for the lower grade group was Castles in the Air. The focus of the activity was teamwork, group dynamics, and problem-solving… Students were split up into smaller groups Each group was given a pack of index cards and instructed to build the highest tower with as many of the index cards as possible within a time frame.

The upper-grade group began with an icebreaker called Mood Meter. Students were asked to rate how they were feeling on a 1 to 5 scale where 1 is the worst and 5 is the best. They stood near their number along a life-size mood meter and discussed emotion words that can be associated with each number. We also talked about how to improve our mood or maintain our mood throughout the day

The upper-grade activity for December was a popular one!  Students were given a “Moon Landing” scenario in which they had to rank in order of importance 15 items for their mission first independently and then in assigned small groups.  From there, we shared the official NASA rankings for these items and each group got to score themselves based on the number they ranked each item versus what NASA ranked each item.  Most groups fell within the “Good” and “Average” score range which was impressive! Creative problem solving and collaboration were the areas of focus for this activity; we used some math skills and just had fun also.

All of our meetings ended with the special “Student Council Handshake” which most students know by heart now.  We then distributed a copy of the meeting agenda for the representatives to take back to the classroom with them to share. Thank you to all who made “Pajama day” a success in December; our next Student Council School Spirit Day, “Hat day”  will take place on January 25th.


Josh Goldstein                                                                                                Allie Harvazinski

Guidance Counselor PS 77                                                                             Guidance Counselor PS 198