Reading Workshop

Students completed the super powers reading unit! Some of the new reading strategies that we learned last month were:

  • Pattern Power: When we figure out the pattern in a book, it can help us read almost every page and help us know what our book is about.
  • Echo Reading: One person reads a sentence/page and their partner reads it back (by repeating the same sentence and reading it aloud).
  • Book Talk power: Super readers don’t just read books; we talk about books too!  We can activate our book talk power by introducing our book to our partner, by telling our partners what it is about, by retelling the story in order of events, by discussing our favorite parts, and by talking about how the book makes us feel.


Writing Workshop

We wrapped up our Show and Tell unit and had a very successful publishing party before break!  Our next unit shifts back to narrative writing.  Students will be writing “True Stories” that include thinking of a topic, planning across pages, and sketching their drawings.  We will also be discussing what makes writing hard to read and what makes writing easy to read.



Our class is finishing up our math unit called building numbers and solving word problems.  The students are learning more about addition and subtraction.  The students continue to work towards the following goals:

  • Understanding that you can count on/back to add/subtract
  • Writing equations using +, -, =
  • Fluency with addition and subtraction facts, showing work and explaining solutions
  • Interpreting and solving addition and subtraction word problems where the result is unknown 


Social Studies

  • We discussed the December holidays and read wonderful books about different cultures and traditions.
  • We finished our Star of the Day presentations! Students learned a lot of new facts about their classmates, which highlights the fact that people in a community share similarities and differences.
  • We read books and talked more about what it means to be GRATEFUL



Last month, we had Art Farm come and we learned all about birds!  We met and pet Bonnie (a dove), Dolly (a hen), and Pumpkin (a parrot).  Some of the things we learned:

  • We learned that all birds have bones, feathers, wings, and lay eggs.
  • We learned that birds have lightweight, hollow bones.
  • We also learned that birds have ears behind their eyes.
  • We learned that a girl chicken is called a hen
  • We learned that a boy chicken is called a rooster
  • We learned that baby birds come from eggs