4th Grade Practice Tasks Week of 1/14 – 1/21/19

Dear 4th Grade Families,

Here are the practice tasks for this week.

Essential Elements #29 and 30 – Please make sure you are able to read and play all the notes on the D and A strings.  In addition, you can change the rhythm within both of these exercises to the rhythms we have been working on in class.  For example, you can play each note using the pineapple tango rhythm.

Measures 35 to the end of Olympic Fanfare – Please take the opportunity to listen to the link I have provided.  This will help you get an idea of how the tune sounds.  Click the paper icon under the view category and you can follow along with the score.  I know it says preview only on most of the pages, however, you can still see the notes pretty clearly.  We are focussing on accurate rhythm within this section.  Please clap and chant the rhythm first.  It will help you play the rhythm accurately.  Violins, cellos, and basses we have learned all these notes, so I know you can play them.  Violas you have only one new note, which is B on the G string.  It’s the same way you play F# or C# on the D and A string.  It’s second finger on the second tape on the G string.  https://www.jwpepper.com/Olympic-Fanfare/10062532.item#/submit

Measures 13 to 31 of You’re A Grand Old Flag  – Violas you have a new note it’s C#.  To play this note put your 3rd finger past the 3rd tape on the G string.   I would also like to emphasize everyone should also take to listen to the recording provided, starting at the 3:29 mark.  You can read your part and see how it fits in with others.  Click on the link provided and hit the megaphone button and fast forward to 3:29.  The tune ends at the 4:52 mark.  When practicing this section start at a slow tempo then gradually work your way to performance tempo.  https://www.jwpepper.com/Patriotic-Salute/10906087.item#/submit

All the best,

Ms. Waldman