A Note From The Principal

Lower Lab Values Safety

January 15, 2019

Dear Parents,

In the interest of revisiting and refreshing our protocols around safety, we have taken another look at our systems.  As a result, we have placed extra emphasis on what is in place, such as some New Year’s reminders around signing in and out for bathroom in upper grades (K and 1stgraders will continue to be escorted by an adult).  Additionally, we have checked alarms on all doors in and out of the school to make sure they are fully operational.  Further, we have added internal attendance checks at key points in the day.

This is certainly not to alarm (no pun intended) anyone – just a way to continue examining the best ways to ensure children’s safety.  You can help us by:

*continuing to follow our visitors’ protocols

*bringing your passes for large events

*never using a door other than an exit that is manned by a safety agent

*reminding your child(ren) to never go anywhere without informing a known adult in the school.

*reminding your child(ren) to pay close attention to the adults during any kind of emergency or drill.

As always, we greatly appreciate your support. 


Sandy Miller