We only got three submissions!!! The deadline has been extended to January 22nd!

International Night 2019

Family Response Display

Each year before International Night we ask Lower Lab families to contribute to a project representing our community.   In reflecting on this year’s theme “Dance around the World,” we are asking students:  What is a dance that you and your family enjoy? OR What is a dance that you are interested in? 

Select a dance and be prepared to share a little bit about it! For example, you may include: 

  • Where (country) and when did this dance originate? What was occurring in this place and culture during that time period?
  • What genre of music typically accompanies this dance? What special musical instruments are used for this music/dance?
  • What does this dance look like? (Include movements and traditional clothing/costume
  • Does this dance tell a story? If so, what? 

 Flyers and foot mockup is heading your way via backpack! We have a rainbow of colors and everyone should be as creative as possible to make this bulletin board pop! Use cut-outs from magazines or newspapers, Draw, use stickers or glitter as the sky is the limit! 

For more info on International Night Click Here…https://lowerlabpta.org/event/international-night-2019