International Night Raffle Winners and Thank you from our Chairs!

Raffle 1 “Dance Around the World” – Jean Christenson (PS77, 1-141)
Raffle 2 “Eat, Shop, Dine” – Eliza Bishar (PS198, 2-215)
Raffle 3 “Speak & Write Around the World” – Irina Petrova (PS77, 2-203)
Bonus Raffle “After-Party” – David Gibson (PS198, K-135)
Congratulations to all the winners from your 2019 International Night Committee!
2019 Int Night Committee.jpeg

Dear table hosts and Volunteers,

Thank you to all our special guests, students, and parents who shared their cultural traditions and traditional dishes at International Night: “Dance Around the World” at PS77 and PS198 on Thursday evening. It was a dazzling event that everyone is still talking about. We had over 300 families in attendance, and even City Council members Ben Kallos and Keith Powers stopped by to catch some of the experience with dance, food and craft.

Variety of table from different countries who come to share with us their culture and traditions was amazing ( 15 total !!!! We have never had that many). I felt that we are really global citizens and together we are amazing!!!!

Big thanks to Asako for the donation of tea and cute socks and for the Chinese Institute for always supporting our community.

In Gratitude,

Renee Enoch, Clare Huston, Rebecca Kim, Joanna Wolinska & Vicki Zheng

2019 International Night Committee, PS77 & PS198