5th Grade Practice Tasks 1/28/19 to 2/3/19

Dear 5th Grade Families,

Here are the practice tasks for this week.

Essential Elements #98 on page 27 – Please ensure you are holding each note for two beats.  Then you can practice #98 with quarter notes.  Make sure each note sounds beautiful.  The way to produce a beautiful tone (sound) is to hold the instrument and bow correctly.  In addition, making sure you are playing each note with the best intonation (pitch).

A Very Short History of Music – Please look at measures 1 – 17.  Make sure you are holding each note the correct length and you are playing at a steady.  A metronome will help immensely with this.   The beat should equal to 94 beats per minute (bpm).  This will be our performance tempo.  It’s best to start slower then gradually increase the speed.

All the best,

Ms. Waldman