Art with Ms Michelle

February 1, 2018

Fifth Grade Optical Imagination

Imagination in the art room has been our key word in January. Giving children the opportunity to explore and think “outside of the box, with endless possibilities” creates amazing opportunities.  The benefits from using their unique and personal ingenuity helps everyone to become more aware of themselves and the world.  With many chances to experiment, our students feel free to enjoy mistakes and boost their self-confidence.

Fashion by Kiva

Kindergarten has been exploring creative lines and primary colors with artist Piet Mondrian. As they experience balancing color with lines they took their fascination and designed many articles of clothing with this style. Look for some new pajamas with matching socks on display. 

First Grade focused on Salvador Dali and his fine thin lines. They learned how to create beautiful texture such as soft feathery fur

My name is Cherry

similar to that on the Australian Emu ostrich. ‘I see your point of view.” said Cherry the famous emu?

Second grade followed the artist Sonia Delauney and her use of strong visual intensity and geometric shapes. Students created color schemes that could vibrate off the page. Personal expression gives children the opportunity to convey their feelings and personality.

Color Schemes

Third grade is engaged in a nature project focused on the Banyan fig tree from India.  Students were able to explore how to merge beautiful cadmium red, paynes gray and umber tissue paper to display the amazing branches in a collage. The sunset watercolors adds a warm and glowing atmosphere. This work is gorgeous and still in progress.


Fourth grade finished their Kehinde Wiley portraits where they were inspired to draw a three quarter view depicting star gazing eyes and shadows. The background was to be a personal and unique pattern design using oil pastels.

Fifth grade also completed their optical art that is phenomenal. Bridget Riley was the artist that inspired the students. Our objective was  to create magic on a paper using perspective and value. Currently on display outside of the art room.

Imagination will keep on thriving in the art room with every minute of the day.  As quoted from Einstein, ‘imagination is more important than knowledge. For knowledge is limited to all we know, while imagination embraces the entire world, and all there ever will be to know and understand.” Stay tuned for much more. You can only imagine what is next.