Teacher Valentines Now For Sale Online

We have two special offers, both available online only until February 7th

1. Bouquets for our BEST Staff – A bouquet of flowers with personalized notes will be delivered to each teacher and staff member, and your child can be a part of that bouquet! Each flower/note is only $5 and every 5th flower you purchase is free! 5 for $20 and 10 for only $40!  The discount applies across staff members, so spread the love and save!

Click here to order flowers

2. Friendship Wall of Hearts – Decorate a heart for a sibling, friend, pet or favorite Lower Lab Staff member! Hearts will be displayed on our Friendship Wall across from the main office. $5 per heart and every 4th heart is free! 4 for $15 and 8 for $30! Have fun, be creative and kind words are all welcome!
Click here to order hearts

Download the Hearts template here. Completed hearts can be uploaded and ordered entirely through the PTA Website.  No backpacking necessary!

Questions? Contact Emily Kadin

A portion of the proceeds will be used to offset 5th-grade graduation