Physical Education in February

Dear all,

In Physical Education for February, students will participate in lessons that develop muscular strength and flexibility. We will discuss why its important to stretch before and after exercise. In grades k-2, students will perform a variety of yoga poses such as the downward dog, child pose, boat pose, tree pose and butterfly for 15 to 20 seconds each. In addition, students will be introduced to Track and Field Activities such as distance runs, sprints, long jump, shot put and relays. These activities will be completed by students in stations.


In grades 3-5, students will learn advanced skills and concepts related to flexibility and muscular strength. We will practice dynamic stretches such as heel kicks, high knees, side shuffles, leg raises and knee hugs. Students will participate in the sit and reach, a NYC Fitnessgram assessment.

[vimeo 29462301 w=640 h=480] Fitnessgram Back Saver Sit & Reach Test from Jeffrey Watts on Vimeo.

In addition, students (grades 3-5) will participate in Track and Field activities such as the 4 X100 Relay, 50 to 100 meter sprints, 5 minute distance runs, shot put and running long jump. We will use curriculum and lessons that come directly from the Rising Road Runners program.

Finally, 4th and 5th grade students will be eligible to join the Track and Field Team. The permission slips and release forms will passed out to students within the next few weeks.

Thank to you to all the Zumba participants and parent volunteers! Here’s some pictures and from the recess program that concluded this week!