Digital Media in February

Dear all,

In February, students will be integrate technology with a variety of Social Studies projects. In addition, students will have opportunities to work on their typing skills by clicking on the link to typing club. Students click sign up with google.

In the 1st grade, students will complete activities in their seesaw journals that relate to black history month. For example, students will learn about Dr. Martin Luther King in class and then draw a picture of something that you can do to make the world a better place. They will also add an audio response to their image.

In 2nd grade, students will use worldbook online to learn about the voyages of Henry Hudson. Students will create a short video on seesaw where they will answer the following question “Do you think Henry Hudson was a successful explorer? Why or why not? Students can access worldbook online at home with the username: lowerlab and password: student77

In the 5th grade, students will continue editing and submitting their Explorer presentation’s using wevido. In addition, tudents will continue to update their fictional book review websites.