4th Grade Practice Tasks 2/11/19 to 2/24/19

Dear 4th Grade Families,

Here are the practice tasks for the next two weeks.  I understand some of you may be going away.  If this is the case, I would suggest your child to practice before going away.

Essential Elements #22 Lightly RowThis exercise has all the notes we have learned on the D and A strings.  Please ensure you are able to play of these notes with the best sound possible and with the best intonation (pitch).  This will help you learn to play Olympic Fanfare well.

Essential Elements #95 & # 96 – Both of these feature two new notes.  One is our open G string and the other is B on the G string.  For bass, the way you play #95 is second finger in between your first and second tape on the E string (the lowest string).  In addition, the way to play #96 for basses is first finger on the A string (the second lowest string).  We are working on this exercise so violins, violas, and cellos understand understand the difference between open G and the G on the D string.  We are also working on B to prepare the violas for when they have this note within the piece Olympic Fanfare.

Olympic Fanfare Measures 40 – 45 – Clap out the rhythm first.  Then play the rhythm of these measures on the open D or A string.  Then read the notes and rhythms on the page within these measures.  Remember slow and steady wins the race.  Go at a slow tempo and make sure the tempo sounds even.  A metronome would help a lot with this.

Extra (for those staying in town and want something to do if you finished all the tasks mentioned above) – Please listen to the recordings I have provided on this website that we will be playing for our concert.  The other two pieces are You’re a Grand Old Flag and Rip Roarin Fiddlin  and try your best to learn the other measures within Olympic Fanfare.  

Happy Practicing!

All the best,

Ms. Waldman