Kindergarten Newsletter

Kindergarten Newsletter

Reading Workshop

  • We are now moving through the Bigger Books, Bigger Reading Muscles  We are learning how to cross check your reading, especially when you come across tricky words. We ask ourselves: Does it look right, does it sound right, does it make sense?
  • Students learned how to “Choral Read” with their partner, which is when they read the same text at the same time. (i.e. Shared Reading)
  • We are also starting to “book talk” with our reading partners by retelling what the book is about and/or by doing book introductions.
  • We are also learning games like: Guess the Covered Word, Alphabet Bop-it!, and Guess What Happens Next. I encourage you to ask your child how to play!

Writing Workshop

  • We have discussed in great detail about what makes our writing hard to read and what makes it easy to read and we came up with the following list:

What makes reading easy to read

    • Leave spaces between words.
    • Make pictures that help with the words.
    • Write a letter for each sound.
    • Use capital letters to start sentences.
    • Put a period at the end of every sentence.
  • We also talked about tools we can utilize to help with our writing.  For example, using the word wall to spell snap words correctly, including vowels in words, and using a checklist to make sure our story has a beginning, middle, and end. The checklist also helps us remember to include important details like who we were with, where we were, and what we were doing.
  • Finally, we’re learning to elaborate by including character feelings and story language words like “one day”, “then”, “finally” etc.


  • As we continue our work in addition and subtraction, students learned how to solve problems in multiple ways: drawing, counting, counting on, using manipulatives or fingers, using a number line, using a 100 Chart, and breaking up bigger numbers into smaller numbers using facts we know (e.g. 15+14 = 10 + 5 + 10 + 4).
  • Students have also started solving word problems with 3 or more addends and are re-playing familiar games with this new extension. For example: Roll & Record with 3 dice instead of 2.

Social Studies

  • We’re learning all about K-106 this month as part of our Community and Self & Others units. Students have been presenting their All About Me posters with the class and answering any questions from their peers. This helps develop important skills such as; listening, writing, speaking as well as building self-esteem. It also provides a wonderful opportunity for students to learn about one another and build a sense of community within our classroom.


  • Art Farm came and we learned all about reptiles! We learned that all reptiles are covered in scales. We learned that tortoise’s live on land but turtles can live in the river and on land. We met and pet Davinci, a wood turtle with webbed feet, Yeltzan, a tortoise with long claws, and Sammy, a blue tongued skink (lizard) who lives in the forest.
  • We went on a field trip to the Children’s Museum of Manhattan, where students learned about rainforest habitats, as well as animals that live in them.


Miss Sophia