4th Grade Practice Tasks for 2/25/19 to 3/3/19

Dear 4th Grade Families,

Welcome Back!  I hope everyone had a wonderful break.  Here are the practice tasks for this week.  Please keep in mind that our concert is about 2 months away and it is really essential to be consistent with practicing.

Essential Elements #22 (Lightly Row) – Please make sure you are playing at a steady tempo, don’t forget the rests, practice at a slow tempo, and gradually increase the tempo.

Olympic Fanfare (Measures 35 to the end) – Please practice measures 35 to the end.  I know you can know all of these notes.  It’s just a matter of transferring from reading to playing with little or no hesitation.  It’s like learning reading.  You want to read a text with no stops and with ease.  It’s the same idea with music.  The goal is to play with ease.  Here are some ideas to help you with this.

  • Flash Cards –  Flash cards are a great warm-up to test yourself on which notes you know and don’t know.
  • Metronome – You can find an app or google metronome.  Start at a slow tempo such as quarter note equals 70 to 85 beats per minute (bpm).  Our performance tempo will be 84-88 beats per minute (bpm), which is actually not that fast 🙂
  • Say Before You Play – Say the notes before you play them.  That way you are only working on one task as opposed to doing several at once.  Once you are able to say the notes and say how to finger them without hesitation, play using the bow.

Rip Roaring Fiddling – Please take a look at measures 55 – 63 within this piece.  Make sure you are playing with the correct rhythm and notes

  • Clap and say the rhythm syllables before you play 
  • Say the notes before you play them.
  • Metronome – The performance tempo is quarter note equals 132 beats per minute.  However, I would start out a lot slower.  It would be ideal to start at 85 – 90 beats per minute (bpm) and gradually increase the tempo.

All the best,

Ms. Waldman